Monier Roofing

Genuinely made for Australian conditions.

Monier Concrete and Terracotta roof tiles are specifically designed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions and will not:

  • Rust or corrode near salt water or;
  • Dent in a hail storm.

Monier has a very rich and proud history in the Australian and New Zealand building industries. Genuinely made for both Australian & New Zealand conditions, from the original terracotta tile to the extensive range available today, Monier tiles have long been a trusted roofing solution.

Monier Roofing

Concrete Tile Profiles

Concrete tiles are the most economical and durable roofing material on the market. Unlike other materials, such as metal, which may rust, corrode, flake, peel and dent overtime, concrete tiles gradually improve in strength over several decades as they continue to harden in the sun.

Terracotta Tile Profiles

Terracotta has been used as a roofing material for hundreds of years across the world. This is due to its inherent longevity across every geographic element. Monier Terracotta roof tiles are crafted by Australians using raw materials from the Australian landscape. Monier’s Luxe collection comes in a stunning palette of timeless colours to suit any style of home.